Knfamil belongs to Guangzhou Kang infant treasure trade limited company. At present, sales channels Knfamil products have been gradually spread all over the country. Company always uphold the integrity, mutual benefit and win-win principle, cultivate occupies the leadership position in the market and consumers in mind the top cosmetic brand, and the rapid expansion of the business, and the majority of new and old customers to grow together, together, in Knfamil and new and old customers unremitting efforts, " Knfamil " has become well-known household brand, sales jumped to the top three in the country.
       Currently Knfamil in the country has more than 100 agents, more than 10000 stores. Can not be separated from the support of new and old customers, and now a lot of fans are in the public platform for micro channel public platform to consult whether there is Knfamil products. For this reason the next, Knfamil will in micro channel public platform above the country's stores address entry into, and fans can directly push the location to the public platform, will bring from your recent stores pushed to you, also can directly in our micro mall to buy. And micro channel platform will launch a variety of activities, as soon as possible to join us.
Knfamil public platform micro signal: knfamil8 
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