On the Knfamil public platform fans consultation events, Xiao Bian has something to say!

【Wechat dynamics】 Published:2015-7-12

       company. Scope of business throughout Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, is responsible for Japan's Dainazi corporation brand "Meiji workshop" and Kang Swiss infant treasure nursing activities (International) Co., Ltd's brand " Knfamil " in the Chinese market operation and promotion, at present Knfamil product sales channels have gradually all over the country. Company always uphold the integrity, mutual benefit and win-win principle, cultivate occupies the leadership position in the market and consumers in mind the top cosmetic brand, and the rapid expansion of the business, and the majority of new and old customers to grow together,together, in Knfamil and new and old customers unremitting efforts, " Knfamil " has become well-known household brand,sales jumped to the top three in the country. (here's a tearful thank you for you to Knfamil, we have today)

       And adapt to the changes of the times development. In the micro business flying o2o era Knfamil also follow the trend in 2013 registered their own micro channel public platform. Convenient and customer communication, let more users understand Knfamil Knfamil understanding. At the same time, we will launch day baby related information, let fans in understanding we can further understand the related knowledge of the baby. Is Knfamil in addition to fans as a modest. (Tracy will continue collecting relevant information of dark poke to let everybody up knowledge.)

       Platform from 13 years up to now from the beginning of the hundreds of fans to now tens of thousands of fans, are inseparable from the support of all, from the beginning of the ignore ignore now every day to have fans in background consulting related problem, this also is a kind of progress, between various tragic history Xiaobian not codeword out, oneself go to the corner cry), each fans to help solve the problems they present, small series are particularly happy. Can let the world's children are happy and healthy growth is Knfamil on the BOSS to the common aspiration of the adult to clean aunt. And we will strictly control the quality of our products and services, so that your baby with the comfort of the mother.

      Finally, the most important question comes. Due to the background of many fans consulting, small series to complete the other tasks assigned by the BOSS adults, so the problem is not able to reply to everyone in a timely manner. But please don't worry, also cannot ignore Xiaobian Oh, every day will on time at 5 o'clock at 11 o'clock in the morning and afternoon visit the background to reply to everyone's answer, so we have a problem can be a message or in this time period to consult, Xiaobian will one answer oh. (this small thank you for cooperation and wish you happy Knfamil) every day.

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