Knfamil since its establishment, the national health Knfamil: to focus on children's products production and research and development, adhering to the "unity, truth-seeking, hard work, fighting innovation, good faith service" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "natural, gentle, pure" : to child care concept. Take the market as the guide, to provide quality products and special service, constantly create and play a sustainable competitive advantage in the competition, guide the industry trend, do the industry leader. Gradually build up a scientific, modernized and institutionalized management idea and health perfect operation mechanism.

Mind and ideals. Based on now, look to the future, we are committed to making the first brand of high-end: to become a child care industry. Advocating life, pay attention to health, to ensure the quality of products from production to use the entire monitoring, with excellent quality to win the trust of consumers, to achieve a win-win situation.

Knfamil health to create 100%, 100%, 100% of mild, 100% pure natural health of engineering quality, care and love: to children's health is the great mission of Knfamil the healthy people. Around the world not just in the future, consumers will be Knfamil health one of the most abundant resources, each partner is to create the source of this resource, Knfamil health development depends on your efforts and support. Believe that each one has a sense of responsibility, sense of mission      Knfamil health can at this stage Knfamil health blossom your charm, and fellow partners, the Knfamil to forge a: child care health leading health experts on the market.

  I know the future a long way to go, but I firmly believe that Knfamil health will be bound to the wind flying, gate-crashers celebrated kyushu!

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