Knfamil (China) is a good team, with the industry's leading Knfamil science and technology R & D center, currently has two production bases in Guangzhou and Shantou. Technology is the first productivity. For the establishment of specialized personnel, we absorbed a group from at home and abroad universities Master's and doctor's professional scientific research personnel, and the establishment of a research and development department, quality department, including microbiological laboratory, sample room, pilot plant and multifunctional laboratory. Company scientific research personnel to keep pace with the times, according to market changes and the development of the industry, according to the current situation of product positioning, and constantly adjust the direction of the subject, firmly grasp the pulse of the development of the times.

Production base for the introduction of international advanced technology and equipment, with a sound production line, in strict accordance with the GMPC (cosmetics industry good operating standards) and 5S standards for operation and monitoring. Passed QS production license certification, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and UKAS certification. Plant design with color steel plate and partition, dust, bacteria, fire prevention, anti pollution, rounded structure with good cosmetics production specification (GMP) design and decoration on the ground with international health standards, with pure water treatment system. Plant with reference to the international standards for the establishment of 10 million level aseptic production environment, production materials, ingredients, packaging, packaging the product management department from the strict inspection, qualified rear can storage and warehousing.

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