Uphold respect for the eternal, creative business ideas of dream, Guangzhou Knfamil trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the company is located in the South China area political, cultural and economic center of Guangzhou, at the same time, the selected Guangzhou's most bustling commercial center - Tianhe Sports Center as a base of operations.Benign and healthy development of cosmetics industry, and promote the development of China's daily chemical industry and the international market trend.

Guangzhou Knfamil trade Co., Ltd. by virtue of a strong financial strength, high-quality operation team, has with a number of international cosmetics giant to discuss cooperation. Finally selected Swiss Knfamil care products (International) Co., Ltd. cooperation, has overall responsibility for Swiss Knfamil care products (International) Co., Ltd's brand "Knfamil" in China market operation and promotion.

Looking to the future, Guangzhou Knfamil trade Co., Ltd. will uphold the integrity, mutual benefit and win-win principle, cultivate occupies the market leadership and the minds of consumers do the better of the cosmetic brand and quickly expand their business, and the majority of new and old customers to grow together, together. We are very honored to work together with you to create brilliant results.

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